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Article 1 (Background)
Because of a small number of investigators in neuroendocrinology, academic and technical exchanges are necessary to develop our knowledge on the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases in neuroendocrinology. The International Neuroendocrine Federation Korean Branch (INF-KB) will host International Congress of Neuroendocrinology in conjunction with the existing conferences such as Pituitary Expert Meeting in Asia and annual meeting of Korean Neuroendocrine Study Group to create a favorable environment for further academic achievements and global communication between many investigators in Asia. In addition, the INF-KB will continue the public promotion and neuroendocrine disease registration projects to arouse the danger of neuroendocrine diseases as well as to support the patients.
Article 2 (Name)
The name of the Corporation is International Neuroendocrine Federation – Korean Branch.
Article 3 (Location)
The registered office of the Corporation is located in Seoul.
Article 4 (Purpose)
The Corporation shall have such purposes as listed in the Background.
Article 5
The Corporation may also have offices at such other places within or without Seoul as the business of the Corporation may require.
Article 6 (Composition)
The Corporation consists of members representing the categories listed below.
  1. 1) Individual regular members
  2. 2) National or Group members: National members are mainly consisted of Asian countries.
  3. 3) Company members
  4. 4) Special members
Article 7 (Qualification for membership)
7.1 The qualification for membership in each category is as follows.
  1. 1) Individual regular members: Those who research neuroendocrinology, support the purpose of the Corporation
  2. 2) National, Group or Company members: Nation(s), Group(s) or Company(ies) which support(s) the purpose of the Corporation
  3. 3) Special members: Individuals or groups which support the purpose of the society and are involved with the Corporation’s projects
Article 8 (Membership procedure)
Those who want to join the Corporation shall submit an application form to the organizing committee.
Article 9 (Duties and Rights)
9.1 The regular members of the society have franchise, eligibility and voting rights.
9.2 All the members shall observe rules, internal regulations and decisions from the council and pay fees and other allotments, if needed.
Article 10 (Expulsion)
Members may be expelled by decision of the council in any of the cases below.
  1. 1) Not observe duties of the members without proper reason, defame the honor of the Corporation or act in violation of the purpose of the Corporation
  2. 2) Those who have not attended general meetings for more than 3 years without an appropriate reason
Article 11 (Elected Officials)
he Corporation elects officials from the regular members. The numbers of official positions are below.
  1. 1) Chairman: 1 (The regional representative of the INF-KB as an ex-officio)
  2. 2) Secretary General: 1
  3. 3) Vice Secretary General: 1
  4. 4) Organizing Committee members (including one person from each national or hroup member) Director: ~5 Auditor: 1
Article 12 (Duties of Elected Officials)
12.1 The chairman represents the Corporation, acts as the chairman of the council and hosts conferences.
12.2 The secretary general assists the chairman and act as the chairman in his/her absence.
12.3 The chairman handles the affairs of the Corporation and acts as the chairman of the board of directors.
12.4 The auditors supervise general and financial affairs of the Corporation and report the results to the council.
Article 13 (Elections)
Those who want to join the Corporation shall submit an application form to the organizing committee.
Article 14 (Term)
14.1 The terms of the chairman is in accordance with the Article 13.
14.2 The terms of the secretary general, directors and auditors are 2 years and reappointment is permitted.
14.3 The terms of the directors from by-election are the remaining term of the predecessor.
Article 15 (Advisory Committee)
The Corporation may organize the advisory committee from the previous chairmen, or those who have contributed significantly to the field neuroendocrinology. The advisory committee is selected from the organizing committee.
Article 16 (General Meeting)
16.1 The regular general meeting is convened by the chairman during the conferences or symposia held biennially and receives reports and decisions from the organizing and other committees.
16.2 The extraordinary general meeting is convened by the chairman upon the request of the majority of the council or the board of directors.
16.3 The general meeting is considered valid with the presence of a majority of the regular members.
16.4 The chairman is the host of the general meeting.
Article 17 (Organizing Committee)
17.1 The Corporation forms the organizing committee to collect opinions from the members for the Corporation.
17.2 The domestic members of the organizing committee members are selected among the regular members by the board of directors; the chairman and the directors automatically become official organizing committee members. The representative persons and officials in national members are elected as an ex-officio in the organizing committee.
17.3 The organizing committee members have a term of 2 years. Reappointments are permitted.
17.4 The organizing committee meeting is convened by the chairman. Special meeting of the organizing committee may be called at any time by the chairman. The chairman of the Corporation is the chairman of the organizing committee and has no voting rights. However, the chairman may have deciding vote in decisions where a consensus cannot be made.
17.5 The extraordinary meeting is convened by the chairman upon the request of more than 1/3 of current council members or the board of directors.
17.6 The organizing committee discusses and decides budget and settlement reviews, rule revision, forming sectional committees and other affairs and selects the president, vice presidents and auditors.
17.7 The organizing committee meeting is considered valid with the presence of majority of the current council members and decisions are made with the consent from the majority of the attending members of the organizing committee.
Article 18 (Committee)
18.1 The Corporation has committees including the scientific affairs, research and publication committee.
18.2 Each responsible director is the head of his/her respective committee.
18.3 The number of members in each committee may vary. The members are selected by the committee heads and appointed by the chairman.
18.4 The chairman may form ad hoc committees through a decision from the board of directors if required.
Article 19 (Tasks)
The board of directors has the directors below to execute the decisions made in the board of directors meeting.
  1. 1) Director, Committee of Scientific Affairs: Manage conferences and their related works
  2. 2) Director, Committee of Research: Manage tasks for endocrinology research and related natural sciences
  3. 3) Director, Committee of Publications: Manage the journal and publication
  4. 4) Secretary General: Manage the affairs of the society, form and operate the general affairs group
Article 20
The finance of the Corporation is supported by entrance, annual, lifetime and special fees and donations from the members. The entrance, annual and special fees are decided by the board of directors and confirmed by the organizing committee.
Article 21
The fiscal year of the society commences every March 1.
Article 22
The rules of the Corporation may be revised by suggestion from the board of directors and decision by the organizing committee.
Article 23
The specifics not defined in the rules of the society follow the bylaws of the International Neuroendocrine Federation and general conventions.
Article 24
This rule takes effect from the date of confirmation by the organizing committee.