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국제내분비연맹(INF, International Neuroendocrine Federation)

기초 및 임상 신경내분비학의 발전과 개발의 촉구, 신경내분비학 및 관련 분야에서 과학 정보 전파, 전 세계 과학자간의 아이디어 및 정보 교류, 젊고 재능있는 연구자들의 교육 및 발굴을 목적으로 1972년에 설립되어 현재 전 세계 30여개국의 회원들이 활동하고 있으며, 4년 마다 정기학술대회를 개최하고 있다.

  • 1st
    San Francisco 1986
  • 2st
    Bordeaux 1990
  • 3st
    Budapest 1994
  • 4st
    Kitakyushu 1998
  • 5st
    Bristol 2002
  • 6st
    Pittsburgh 2006
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  • 7st
    Rouen 2010
    pdf down
  • 8st
    Sydney 2014

공식 저널로는 Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology, Journal of Neuroendocrinology, Neuroendocrinology, Stress가 있다.

International Neuroendocrine Federation Korean Branch

Because of a small number of investigators in neuroendocrinology, academic and technical exchanges are necessary to develop our knowledge on the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases in neuroendocrinology. The International Neuroendocrine Federation Korean Branch (INF-KB) will host International Congress of Neuroendocrinology in conjunction with the existing conferences such as Pituitary Expert Meeting in Asia and annual meeting of Korean Neuroendocrine Study Group to create a favorable environment for further academic achievements and global communication between many investigators in Asia. In addition, the INF-KB will continue the public promotion and neuroendocrine disease registration projects to arouse the danger of neuroendocrine diseases as well as to support the patients.

Conjoint symposium INF and KNSG in KOREA, 2016